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A 4 year old incident of a woman’s body broken to be carried is viral with a lockdown angle

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A set of images showing a deceased woman’s body being broken at the hip to be packed and transported is viral.

Claim: “#मोदी जी ऐसे #आत्मनिर्भर भारत बनाना चाहते हैं सरकारी कोई सूबीधा नेही मिलने से अपने #मां के मृतक शरीर के #हाथपैर तोड़ कर बस्ता में घुसा के ले जा रहा है बेटा,,, यह घटना #उडीसा के बताया जा रहा है,”

(Translation: Modiji wants to build a self-reliant India. Due to unavailability of government services, a son broke the limbs of his mother’s dead body to fit in a bag to take it away. This incident is supposedly from Odisha.”)



This post on a group called ‘I support Vinay Dubey’ was shared by more than 8,300 times.















Carrying out a reverse image search using Google revealed the truth behind the images.

We found multiple media reports about the incident, of which the oldest ones were from August 2016.

The incident occurred in Odisha where an elderly woman’s body was crushed by an oncoming goods train near Soro railway station. Her body was taken to the local health centre, which needed to send it to Balasore district hospital for post-mortem. Due to the unavailability of an ambulance or a hearse, it had to be carried by workers, who had to break the body and wrap it up in a sheet before carrying it to the railway station in full public view, on a bamboo pole.


Hindi news portal Jansatta shows both the viral images in an article titled “गाड़ी नहीं थी तो हॉस्पिटल स्‍टाफ ने तोड़ दी लाश की हड्डी, बोरी में पैक कर पहुंचाया स्‍टेशन”

(Translation: Due to the absence of a vehicle, hospital staff breaks a corpse’s bones, packs it and transports it to the station)


According to a report by the Times Of India, this incident happened shortly after a tribal in Kalahandi, Odisha had to carry his wife’s body for ten kilometres due to the same reason.


Therefore, the claim dates back to August 2016 and is unrelated to the lockdown.




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