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Last year’s mock drill on Africa airport is viral as Corona effect in China now.

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A video is viral showing a man shooting people on an airport while police is trying to save people claimed as current situation in China because of the Corona virus panic.

“Corona का मज़ाक़ उड़ाने से फ़ुर्सत मिल गयी हो तो चीन से आए इस विडीयो को देख ले ओर अंदाज़ा लगा ले की स्थिति कितनी गंभीर हे.. कृपया सावधानी बरते “
Translation: If you are done with making fun of Corona, Check this video from CHina and comprehend the how serious the situation is. DO take care”

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The video is merely a mock drill, not real. It’s from Senegal, South Africa, done in Nov 2019 i.e. last year. It is not related to Corona Virus/COVID-19

The airport where this mock drill was done is “Blaise Diagne International Airport”

The video was uploaded in Nov 2019


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