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Did Putin let lions and tigers loose on streets to keep citizens at home ?

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At times, it’s difficult to Fact Check a satire or a meme. A news channel looking screenshot is viral showing a Lion on a road surrounded by cars in a city with no human around.

“RUSSIA: Vladimir Putin has Dropped 800 tigers and Lions all over the Country to push people to stay Home.. Stay Safe Everyone!!

Above is the text viral along with the image.




Many websites are using this Clickbait for traffic


It may sound stupid but many have believed in it and have asked us for confirmation.

The viral photo of the lion is 4 years old, from Johannesburg, South Africa


Lion casually walks through city centre

They needn’t have worried though as Columbus was just ‘acting’ as part of a local production. There was one big problem though. The company involved never told the authorities. According to the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA), the filming had not been cleared and the film company took a risk by releasing the lion into the city, without previously getting approval to close several roads. – Source – Metro

Further, the News looking screenshot is also made from a website where anyone can make his/her own breaking news look-alike.
Many points were obvious to call it fake from first look itself –
1. The image didn’t have any link nor had it any News Channel Logo
2. This sounded outrageous but wasn’t in any credible media at all
3. watermark can be seen on the image.
The online website allows you to add an image, a title and a ticker text –
Same tool was used 2 years ago to create a fake news against a Bishop accused of Rape

When people take a satire seriously.

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