A Martyr’s mourning family’s video is used for political and communal reasons.

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#FakeNews is getting sicker now. Now a tragic video of a Martyr’s mourning family is being used. Soldier who gave his life for country is being used for politics and religion.
A video is viral on WhatsApp which in different parts shows a woman crying hysterically, then a man says on the camera about absence of doctor and administration and about a 15 day old baby inside the house followed by father of the dead followed by a group of women crying.

Following is the text accompanying the video –

“आ गई कांग्रेस सरकार हो गया बलात्कार शुरू
ए विडीयो राजस्थान का हे एक हिन्दू लडकी को मारा ओर घर मे लेजाकर बलात्कार किया वहा कि पूलीस भी कूछ नही कर रही क्यू कि ये जो लड़के हे जो मुस्लिम है वहा मुस्लिम आबादी जादा हे आज इसके साथ हूवा हे कल आप के साथ भी होगा इसकी मदत करो हाथ जोडता हू इस जगह अपनी बहन बहन समझकर इसको इतना फेलाओ कि मीडीया और बेटी बचावो नारा देनेवाले तक पहुचा दो इंसानियत के वासते जितनेभी ग्रुप है उसमे छोड़ते रहो रुकना नही चाहिए”

“Congress government has arrived and rapes have started. This video is of Rajasthan where a Hindu woman has been killed, taken to a house and raped. Even the Local Police is not doing anything as the boys who did this are Muslim and that place has more Muslims. This happened to her today, will happen to you today too. Help her, I request you with my folded hands, think this as your sister and spread this message so much that media and people who gave slogans ‘Save daughter’ should see this. For the sake of humanity, send this to every group you are member of, shouldn’t stop”

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The truth is very tragic. Hansraj Gurjar took leave to see his 15 days old son and lost his life.

“A Border Security Force (BSF) jawan, who was among the four security personnel killed by Pakistan rangers in Chambliyal sector of Samba district in Jammu and Kashmir, was supposed to reach his home on Thursday to attend the rituals of his new-born child.

The martyr, Constable Hansraj Gurjar, had been granted leave to go to his home and meet his family, but just a day before it could happen, he sacrificed his life in the line of duty. He hailed from Alwar in Rajasthan.

The mortal remains of Hansraj Gurjar was slated to reach his native place on Wednesday night for the cremation to be held on Thursday. Mortal remains of two other martyrs, who hailed from Rajasthan – Commandant Jitendra Singh and assistant sub inspector Ramniwas – were also expected to reach Jaipur and Sikar respectively on Wednesday night.”

SourceZee News

This video was uploaded on YouTube in June 2018, i.e. 6 months ago, after the death of Martyr Hansraj Gurjar

The man speaking in the video is specifically talking about 15 day old baby inside the house

The man in the video is saying “मजाक समझ रखा है ? आया कोई, दिख रहा है यहाँ पे ? और ये है सर्कार की, क्या कर रहे है ? मजाक बना रखा है इसका. अभी चाहिए डॉक्टर और सारा प्रशासन यहाँ पे. बताओ सभी को. बाप की फोटो डीको, मेरी फोटो की ज़रूरत नहीं है. और अन्दर जा के देखो, छोटा १५ दिन का बच्चा है”

Translation“They think of this as a joke ? Did anyone caome ? can you see anyone ? This is how government is. Need a doctor and entire administration rightaway. Tell everyone. Show photo of father, not mine. Go inside and you’ll see a 15 day old baby”


Further, the exact text with the video has been used many times, since more than a year with different videos.






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