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Is that really the Rafale fighter plane for which India has done deal with France ?

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A Video of a flying fighter plane is viral on WhatsApp and on other platforms as well which shows various aerobatics lie tumbling in the air, vertical stop etc.

The text reads along with video “That’s Rafale Fighter plane for which India has done deal with France!
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Analysis –

First of all it’s not a real fighter plane but a Remote Controlled small plane. The image below, a screenshot from the viral video gives a clear idea of the size of the plane. Compare the Plane and it’s shadow with the runway and distance from camera.

Further the colors, blue and red on the plane probably are of Russian fighter planes, Russia has Sukhoi planes not Rafale

The Plane in Question probably is Russian Sukhoi SU 27 “Russian Knights”


Further the video viral now was also posted in on Chinese site in Dec 2017


More Fake posts –

It’s posted on Facebook by uncountable profiles, click on the image below to see the list








List – https://www.facebook.com/search/str/That%E2%80%99s+Rafale+Fighter+plane+for+which+India+has+done+deal+with+France%21/stories-keyword/stories-public

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