Did pig deliver a baby with mix features of human and pig ?

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A shocking set of photos is viral on Social Media claiming a pig gave birth to a strange looking baby with features of pig an human both. It’s not only viral in India but many other countries as well. While many claimed this as an act of god, some called it son of a witch/evil, many claimed this as beastility, that some man had sex with a female pig and impregnated it and this is what the pig delivered.





Laira Maganuco is an Italian artist who create real life looking art, sculptures using Silicone rubber.
Many of her previous works were also viral like this.

She herself posted this on her Instagram profile –


This is where she sell her artwork –

She also appreciated and posted link of SMHoaxSlayer

Her previous work which also went viral and was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer

Is that a strange creature or an alien ?

Her other similar works

Other such work debunked by SMHoaxSlayer in Past

Sorry Folks, No Aliens here!

Is it an Alien or deformed human?

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