If the bicycle was carved thousands of years ago, so were the astronaut and mobile ?

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A video is viral showing a man sitting on a bicycle carved on a 2000 year old temple claiming that while the bicycle was invented in 18th century by west, in India it was discovered 2000 years ago. The video is made and uploaded by Praveen Mohan.


Many mainstream many credited Pranav Mohan for this discovery but this was already found and talked about by History/archaeology experts in past.

An article in “The Hindu” about Dr. R. Kalaikovan published in year 2015 says

In 1980, the priest of Woraiyur’s Panchavarna Swamy temple invited Dr. Kalaikovan for a prayer of thanksgiving after the successful cataract operation that he had done on him.

“After the prayer, while taking a look around, I came across the carving of a bicycle on a pillar behind the Amman temple,” says Dr. Kalaikovan. “It was so funny and intriguing to see the picture of a cycle in an ancient temple. But neither the officials nor the scholar who wrote its history, were able to explain how it came there. I started researching this fact.”

Through multiple forays into the history of the bicycle (which was invented in Germany in 1800s), and the Chola-era Woraiyur temple, he theorised that the vehicle was possibly a novelty in Tiruchi of the 1920s, when the temple had been renovated. “Perhaps the sculptor had seen someone on a cycle, was impressed by it and had recorded it forever on stone,” says Dr. Kalaikovan. “After this I got so interested in temple history, that I could no longer leave it.”

He said that the bicycle might have been carved during renovation of temple in 1920. He said the sculptor might have carved it then being amused by cycles which was new to India then.

SMHoaxSlayer called up Head of The center for History Research who said this was found long way back and wasn’t given importance as withthe change of Kings and dynasties, most of the time they added or modified these plus he also added his opinion of this to be from British Era.

And this theory holds up true to maximum extent as same issue happened last year and was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer.

A Photo of an astronaut carved on wall went viral claiming to be from a temple in Karnataka. Along with were a mobile and a lion eating ice cream.

Astronaut found carved on a temple in Karnataka ? Did we know about it centuries ago?

This was actually carved in year 1992 during restoration of Salmanca church in Spain

Further, photo of the same carvinf was tweeted in January 2018


Pranav Mohan’s tweet –

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