Did @AajTak prove that Government is really reading your WhatsApp messages ?

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A set of 5 photos taken by someone at office or shop (probably as files/Bill book can be seen lying under the TV) is viral on WhatsApp. Four photos are of TV screen with a news channel Aaj Tak program on air claiming that WhatsApp may get you arrested. It’s followed by a photo guide showing how three ticks means government is reading your messages and if the last tick is read, you are about to be arrested.

The complete video of his program is at the end of this article, few explanations are required before you jump to it.

All images have a title “WhatsApp can get you arrested
First image says “One Tick means the message has been sent“. But it’s not delivered, needs two grey ticks
Second image says “Two blue tick with one single tick means, it’s been read by the person you’ve sent to but not by government
Third image says “Three blue ticks means even government has read it and all is cool, you may chill
Fourth image says “Two blue tick and one red tick means government has found it offensive and the cops might be ringing your door bell any minute

Fifth Image along with this set

This image is fake, was made for entertainment few years ago and was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer in May 2017 i.e last year.

OMG! Is that Police ringing the bell because of a WhatsApp feature ?

This year again it became viral and Aaj Tak program was trying to clarify it as fake. The program format is full of animations, music, anchor, expert comments etc, but like a Hitchcock movie the keep the suspense to be opened in the end, may be for higher TRP.

So their format is-

– first to explain what is viral
– then they consult any expert from relevant field
– then they declare their results.

In this case, all four photos are taken from the first part where they were explaining what was viral.
This is not the first time Aaj Tak news, once there was a viral photo of PM Modi ji sitting on a chair surrounded by leaders of different powerful countries which actually was a photoshop. The chair was empty, same was used for Putin also.
So people took the photo from first part and made it viral –

Another Fake –

Original –

Actually, a photo from the first part of such programs, Viral Test by Aaj Tak, Viral Sach by ABP News must have a “FAKE” as watermark on entire screen or else this proves out just to be the opposite, makes such fake news more credible with Channel’s logo on it.

You can watch complete program and find the truth yourself here –






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