Has a woman been stabbed and burnt in Andhra Pradesh ?

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For a while, with major media houses, Social Media platforms talking about Fake News, it seemed the people spreading it have started taking extra care and people falling for it too.

But this one contradicts all.

A video is viral where few men in mask are stabbing a woman wearing yellow top and denim shorts. They also beheaded her holding her head as an achievement and shows a victory sign to the camera.
(The video is disturbing so better not watch)

The text accompanying the video on twitter and WhatsApp claims –

“आंध्रप्रदेश की एक हिंदू मारवाड़ी लड़की जिसकी शादी एक मुस्लिम लड़के के साथ शादी हुई थी । आज कुछ मुस्लिम लोगों नें मिलकर बुरीतरह मारा फिर जिंदा जला दिया । बुर्का ना पहनने के लिये – -देखिये दिल दहला देने वाली 👇

Translation says ” A Hindu Marwari girl from Andhra Pradesh who married a Muslim Boy was lynched and burnt alive by a Muslim mob”

The tweet has approx 474 retweets.

The point worth noticing here is the account which tweeted it is fake under the name of actor “Anil Kapoor” with a small following of 232 only.

And the handles who retweeted are also small ones with just a few followers. So how can such a tweet get so many retweets ?

This raises a doubt of this being a organized group for spreading Fake News.

And you also should read the replies to the tweet and you will observe how blind people are in because of this hatred and dividing the country.

One may not find the source of the video but few clues gives it out. The language is not Indian used in the video. The dress worn by the unfortunate victim also doesn’t matches the story. The Text says she was beaten and burnt while in the video she was stabbed and beheaded which again doesn’t match.

This Video was first posted on 25th Jan 2018 on rigoremortis.com which says
“The woman murdered was 19-year-old… yes 19.. Debora Bessa. She went missing on January 9, 2018.. and her remains were found buried in a shallow grave on January 13th. Debora recorded a video(below) of herself ..stating that she was leaving the drug gang she was in because she wanted to better her life for her five-year-old daughter. She was killed by members of Comando Vermelho.”

Posted on BestGore.com on 26th Jan 2018

The video is from Brazil, Name of the dead woman is Debora Bessa. She went missing on January 9, 2018

The culprit confessed and was arrested

Infact this same video was used as Fake news in a Malasyian Murder in Last month. March 2018. The police denied the video from the crime scene and called it to be from South Africa but couldn’t gave exact details

New Strait Times, Malasyia reported –

“Police: Viral video of woman being beheaded nothing to do with Sarawak murder

MARCH 16, 2018 @ 2:43PM

Kuching: Police have denied that the video disseminated on Facebook (FB ) of a woman being decapitated several days ago is linked to a recent case in Sri Aman.

Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Dev Kumar said the police were aware of the video transmission before they began their investigations.

According to him, the video that was transmitted showed a woman being stabbed before she was beheaded by a masked man.

“Further investigations conducted by the police found that the video recording was an incident that occurred in a country in South America.

“The video has nothing to do with the discovery of a woman’s head on the banks of Batang Lupar River in Skait, Sri Aman,” he said in a statement today.

Dev said the police asked a FB owner who used the name Kenedy Morie to come to the police station to assist in the investigation of the video transmission.

He said the police have begun investigations under Section 500 of the Penal Code and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998.”

Further the text in Hindi is few years old from another fake video viral in India, debunked first in country by SMHoaxSlayer

The above video in which the mob beats the girl and sent her on fire alive is from Guatemala, Dec 2015 which has been viral in India

Debunked by SMHoaxSlayer in Dec 2016


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