Edited image of AajTak falsely claims Pakistan PM’s wife tested positive for Coronavirus.

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An image has gone viral on social media which shows an AajTak news channel stating that the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife has been tested positive for novel Coronavirus.

Following image is viral –




Gaurav Tiwari (All India National Secretary BJYM, INDIAN, traveller, Retweets are not endorsement, followed by Prime Minister of India – From his Twitter bio) tweeted the image and inquired if it’s true or not


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This is a digitally edited image and is not true. After comparing the above image with that of an actual AajTak news bulletin, it can be concluded that:

  • Various details of the channel are askew and blurred including the channel name.
  • An important detail to be noticed is that the time stamp is absent from the image posted by the individual concerned.
  • The first two letters from the word ‘BREAKING’ is missing.
  • There is subsequent font variations from the official bulletin.
  • Another important mistake is the alignment of the image which is tilted, a mistake no professional news bulletins make.
  • The name of the organisation on the bottom right corner is also conveniently blurred. 


Rahul Kanwal, an India Today news anchor also cleared it


More false ones



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