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A 11 year old video of trucks on train is viral claimed as goods being distributed all over India by Government.

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A video of a train carrying trucks is going viral on WhatsApp and Twitter. The text along with the video –
इस तरह से देश के हर कोने में आवश्यक वस्तुओं की आपूर्ति की जा रही है … *सैल्यूट है इस मोदी को*👌🏻

Translation:This is how essential goods are being transported to each and every corner of the country…salute to Modi

Claim: The video claims that the train is carrying trucks, that will help transport essential goods and commodities to every corner of India during the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus.


This tweet by Jyoti Kapur Das has been retweeted by more than 3000 people (archive)


Manish Maheshwari, the managing director of Twitter India (as he claimed in his twitter bio), retweeted this video to over 13.9K followers.



It was initially tweeted by user @anuragtamrakar6, with the same text that is being forwarded across platforms.






The video and text have also been widely circulated on WhatsApp.





This video is atleast 11 years old so neither related to Corona Virus Lockdown, nor related to PM Modi or Mr. Piyush Goyal


Although this viral video is 11 years old but similar step has been taken by Piyush Goyal ji


This video is not related to the coronavirus related nationwide lockdown. We checked frames from the video and upon investigation, found the video was uploaded to YouTube by a channel named Mr Stevehorne on 14th November 2009.

It shows the RO-RO (Roll on, Roll off) services of Konkan Railways, which is used to transport heavy vehicles across tough terrain, aimed at reducing time and effort taken to distribute goods over the country.

MrStevehorne has 10.7K subscribers and the video has over 38 lakh views (at the time of verification) The title suggests that the freight train was crossing Betalbatim, Goa and is therefore not carrying trucks with essential goods during the coronavirus related lockdown.







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