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Video Claiming Owner of Himalaya Drug Co. saying he is ‘Maalik’ of India is False

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Claim: Recently a video went viral on social media, purportedly of the owner of the Himalayan Drug Co. Mohd Manal with the statement, ‘Owner of Himalaya Drug Co- He says he is not loyal to India, but he is the Maalik of India’.

He is heard saying in Hindi, “We are Muslims first, then Indians. If any conflict arises, we will abide by Islam and not follow the constitution. We are masters of the country, not loyal. Loyalty is for dogs; we are masters of the country.”

With India crossing the 6000 mark of the COVID-19 cases, and with the recent Tablighi Jamaat incident, social media has seen a furor and a lot of hate speech against the Muslim community.



The video was also shared widely on Twitter.





The video claims that the person in the video is not Mohammed Manal, owner of the Himalaya Drug Company.

By closely looking at the video, the video is of Maviya Ali, who is a former Congress MLA, of the Deoband Constituency, Uttar Pradesh. In the 2017 UP Assembly elections, Ali represented the Samajwadi Party.

To confirm that the claim is false, NewsMeter did a Google Reverse Image search with his name and relevant keywords, the search comes up with various news articles and videos.

The news reports are from August 2017, when Maviya Ali gave the statement, fueling fire to the Uttar Pradesh Government’s circular to video record the Independence Day celebrations in the madrasas which he claimed to be Anti-Islamic.




There is also a media video report by India Today to the statement given by Maviya Ali.

A more detailed version of the video was uploaded on Facebook in January 2017, the video is approximately 2 min long. The text with the video –

“देखो इस वीडियो को क्या बोल रहा है माविया अली अब भी आँख खोल लो भाइयो की हम मदरसों पर तिरंगा नही फरायेगे ओर वंदे मातरम नही बोलेगे ओर हम इस देश के वफादार नही है हम मालिक है इस देश के यो मालिक है क्या बातो भाइयो यो मालिक है क्या इस देश का।। यो जब तिरंगा नही फेरा सकता तो ये क्या इस देश का हो जाएगा।।”


The same video had resurfaced in January 2020, during the Anti-CAA protests in India, wherein many posts mistook Ali as Congress leader Nasimuddhin Siddiqui who has no relation to the video, it was later debunked by Boom Live.







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