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Did the Saudi Prince comment on the Kashmir Issue?

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Recently a video has been circulating on social media and WhatsApp with this message ” Opinion of Saudi Prince in Kashmir issue, see how beautifully he expressed his opinion “. The video talks about the problem of Kashmir here in India and the speaker is rumored to be the Saudi Prince. Where the speaker says that “Pakistan is a suitable negotiator regarding Kashmir and I don’t think they have a right to speak. I believe that it is a Hindu land it is a controversial and everyone has a right to their own opinion and my position is that Kashmir is a Hindu land and I say that to everyone.” The reply from the speaker is what has caused the stir and led to the extensive sharing by people.

Videos Shared on Social Media:

This video shared on twitter by @Neha_kapoor8 has received 4,698 views and and 48 retweets.


This video shared on Facebook by Proud to be an Indian has received over 193,000 views and over 5000 shares.






The speaker is not the Saudi prince, but he is Mohammad Tawhidi a Shia Muslim Imam. He is president of the Islamic Association of South Australia, which he founded in 2016. He is visibly known to be against Islamic fundamentalism and Pakistan. He has a very active twitter account where he expresses his opinion very strongly. On the same twitter account he came out and said that the video was false and is fake.

The video was taken from an event that Imam Tawhidi had attended a few days before the visit of the Saudi Prince. This is the video of the entire event:

He also shared the link of India Today when they busted the same video.

In the month of September 2018 Imam Tawhidi had tweeted a video of a naked man being beaten by a stick/rod saying “Islamic Extremists in India beating up a poor and elderly Indian beggar. I truly wish this Islamist criminal is arrested soon.

This was fake news which was later busted by SMHoaxSlayer. Here is the original story:

Was it a naga sadhu beaten up by a mob ?


More Fakes:



The video uploaded on YouTube by Sagar Khajuria has received over 1500 views.







There are many such videos shared on Facebook with views ranging from 15-400 each.

Similar is the case on WhatsApp where the reach is very high and cannot be measured as there is no means to measure the reach on WhatsApp. But this video is shared on many groups spreading fake news.

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