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A concept design created a decade ago for New Delhi station is viral as Ayodhya Railway Station.

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A futuristic looking, grand and plush photo of a Railway station is viral claimed as been made in Ayodhya.

Claim 1 : “ये है आयोध्या का रेलवे स्टेशन और कितना विकास चाहिये आप लोगो को पेरिस जैसा दिख रहा है”
Claim 2 : आप सोच रहे होंगे की यह रेलवे स्टेशन अमेरिका चीन या जापान का होगा पर नही दोस्तों यह है हमारे आराध्य देव भगवान श्री राम जी की जन्म स्थली अयोध्या का रेलवे स्टेशन है जो बहुत शीघ्र ही देश को समर्पित होने वाला है…!!

Translation 1 : “This is Ayodhya’s Railway Station, how much more development do you ask for ?”

Translation 2 : “You might be thinking that this Railway Station is from US, China or Japan but no my friends, this is at the birth place of our Lord Ram, Ayodhya which will be dedicated to the country soon”


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This is not a photo of Ayodhya Railway Station. This is more than a decade old digital image created by ‘Arup’ & ‘Terry Farell & Partners’ for renovation of New Delhi Station.

This image was digitally created as a vision for future look of Indian Railways, New Delhi Station by Arup and Terry Farell & Partners, Architecture firms.

Official Railway Website published this image in their 2009 document “Indian Railway Vision 2020”


Daily Mail, a UK News paper published this image in 2014 claiming the same, a futuristic design of New Delhi Station

We also found the image uploaded in 2007 with the same claim.



The same image was viral five years ago as real photo of New Delhi Station and we slayed the hoax then



Rendering for Delhi Station (unbuilt as yet) (c) Terry Farrell & Partners


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