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Old image of Congress party member Alka Lamba viral with false claims

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An old photo of Congress party member Alka Lamba has gone viral with the claim that she was attacked for abusing PM Modi in one of her videos which went viral on social media recently.


An old photo of Alka Lamba went viral on social media claiming that she was attacked by supporters of Bhim Army (dalit rights organisation). The photo went viral with the following caption-

बहनजी पर अभद्र टिप्पणी करने वाली अलका लम्बा को माफी न मांगने पर भीम शेरनीयो ने घर में घुसकर ठोक दिया
और उसने अपने पिटाई की भड़ास बीजेपी पर जा निकाली😂😂😂
मैं इस बात पर उनकी कड़ी निंदा करता हूं


Supporters of Bhim arm trashed Alka Lamba after the latter did not ask for forgiveness. And she removed that frustration on BJP. I strongly condemn this.



The following post was uploaded by facebook user ‘कुँ. रूपेश सिंह बौद्ध’ (Kumar Rupesh Singh) on 25th May.  This post has garnered 107 shares.

The same photo went viral in around April claiming that Alka Lamba was beaten up by a 16 year old girl.


The following post was uploaded on April 7th, by facebook user ‘शिवम् कुशवाहा‎’ (Shivam Kushwaha) and garnered 98 shares and 765 likes.



A twitter handle under the name ‘प्रदीप अम्बेडकर’ tweeted this photo along with the caption- ऐसा होना भी जरूरी था, साथियों सुनने में आ रहा कि कुछ लोग #Alka_Lamba को उसके घर मे घुस कर खूब धोया।। निन्दनीय है।। (Translation- This was necessary, it has come to notice that Alka Lamba was beaten up in her house. It’s condemn-able.)

The following photo was not much viral on twitter.


The claim is false. This is an old photo of Alka Lamba fom 2015 of an attack during her teams Anti-drug drive near Rajghat and is now viral with false claims.

Alka Lamba, the then AAP MLA, was attacked during an Anti-drug drive from Yamuna to Bazar in Kashmere Gate area around 5 a.m. The following Newspapers wrote about the incident- India Today , Hindustan Times and DNA.

Screenshot Hindustan times article

Co-founder of Satyahindi ( Hindi News portal) Ashutosh tweeted this image on 9th August 2015. This proves that this photo is from an incident that happened in August 2015 and is unrelated with the claims.


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