Did the man urinate on the wall painted with faces of President Trump and PM Modi ?

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A photo is making it’s way on the social media showing a man urinating on a wall built recently, painted with faces of US President Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi.

Film Director Avinash Das,  AAP SMTeam in-charge Aishwary Verma and few others tweeted the edited image.

Different captions along with the image using humor is viral with it e.g. “And so the Trump wall is inaugurated LOL”

Film Director Avinash Das tweeted

“ट्रंप की नज़रों से बचाने के लिए स्लम्स के इस पार जो दीवार बनायी गयी है और उस दीवार पर जो रंग-रोगन किया गया है और उस दीवार के पास जो आदमी खड़ा है, वो है सच्चा भारतीय।
#Trump #IndiaVisit”




Aishwary Verma – AAP SM Team- Incharge, Campaign Co-odination tweeted



Viral on WhatsApp


The viral image is edited/photoshopped with the man copied from screenshot of a 8 year or more old video and added in the recent photo of the wall

The Real Wall Photo

Source: Los Angeles Times


The Urinating Man Photo

The urinating man is taken from the following video uploaded on YouTube 8 years ago, claimed from Delhi


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