A fake, digitally created Newspaper clipping is being spread by prominent personalities.

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A Newspaper clip template used to create real looking news, which was viral 3 years ago falsely claiming drunk Kejriwal raped a girl in IIT in 1987, is back again with a different false story.

An old fake newspaper clipping from ‘The Boston Globe’ with the headline “Indian Politician Arrested” is quoted by Chowkidar Paresh Rawal which by now has more than 1400 retweets. He wrote “Well I know and all should know !”

The same was tweeted by Swaminathan Gurumurthy, part time director of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) now which he later  deleted. Gurumurthy wrote “Pl read this news item. Who’s  is this son a former Prime Minister?”

Here is the archived version of the tweet: http://archive.is/1uZQm

The fake clipping dated September 30, 2001, reads, “An Indian politician was detained at Boston airport when the airport security found him in possession of banned drugs and unaccounted cash. As per our sources, he is the son of a former Indian Prime Minister. He was later released after the intervention of the Indian ambassador to the US, reports AFP.”

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This viral image is created using a website fodey.com which looks like a real news clip. You get many options to customize like you can choose the name of the newspaper, date, headline and contents

The same tool was used 3 years ago to spread fake news against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal claiminjg he raped a girl in IIT being drunk in 1987

Fake –

SMHoaxSlayer also used the same website to create a satire


Although the current viral clip didn’t name any, nor did the politicians but it probably points to Rahul Gandhi as he really was detained at Boston Airport in 2001 but the reason was entirely different.

Yes, detaining of Rahul Gandhi SMHoaxSlayer made a google search by typing key words like Indian politician detained at Boston and  found  an article of The Hindu  dated September, 29 2001 ,where it was mentioned that sleuths of Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) detained Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi for about an hour at the Boston airport .

Here is the link of The Hindu article:

Hindu article mentions “With the U.S. security agencies leaving nothing to chance after the September 11 terrorist strikes, sleuths of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “detained” Mr. Rahul Gandhi, son of the former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, Leader of the Opposition,  Ms. Sonia Gandhi, for about an hour at the Boston airport early this week, sources here said.

According to sources, Mr. Gandhi, reportedly traveling from Boston to Washington, was detained by the FBI agents who would not let him go even after checking his travel documents thoroughly. They checked his baggage, despite being told that he was the son of a former Indian Prime Minister”.

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