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A horrifying video, result of domestic violence is given communal colors by Pakistanis.

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A disheartening video is viral in Pakistan showing a man digging out bodies of a baby and a woman claiming “Muslims are being buried alive in India”

Verified handle of Lord Nazir Ahmed – First Muslim member appointed in the House of Lords for life • Listed as most influential Muslim amongst 500 others for 5 years • President APPG on Kashmir•

tweeted the video along with the text
“Warring : horrific video of a mother and Child buried alive in India by Facist. Thank God they are recovered @guardian @nytimes @washingtonpost @Independent @BBCWorld





Following tweet by a Pakistani Army Major gathered 3100 retweets


Following tweet had 3000 Retweets






This unfortunate death of the two was a case of domestic violence in West Bengal. This has nothing to do with religion. A man murdered his wife and son and buried them.

On 28th January 2020, a man Akbar Alam from Haluguch village of Islampur police station in North Dinajpur, West Bengal, killed and buried his wife and son.

“The local residents were outraged by the incident. Angry villagers raided the house of alleged husband Akbar Ali and vandalized and set fire to him. After seeing the situation, the accused fled the village. After receiving the news, the police reached Damakal and Islampur Police Station. Later, in the presence of the magistrate, two bodies were dug and recovered and sent to Islamapur Hospital morgue for autopsy. Islampur Police Station has started searching for accused Akbar Ali.

Akbar’s mother and father were detained for questioning. Islampur Superintendent of Police Sachin Makkar said, “According to the law, two bodies have been recovered after digging the ground in the presence of a magistrate. An investigation has been launched to find out why and how the woman and her infant were murdered. ‘

Police and local sources said that Nurjahan Khatun was married to Akbar Ali, a resident of Halugach village of Sujali village panchayat of Islampur police station two years ago. A month and a half ago, they had a daughter. Akbar used to live with mother, father, wife and daughter at home. Villagers said that Akbar had been in turmoil with his wife for quite some time. The allegations began on Wednesday night. Then, on a deep night, Akbar allegedly murdered his wife and one-and-a-half-month-old baby girl Rezwana and allowed them to land on the side of the house. Initial investigations revealed that Akbar had murdered his wife and daughter by breathlessness.

The villagers were outraged by the news on Thursday morning. Akbar gives a hilarious reply when he rides to Akbar’s house and looks for his wife and daughter. Seeing the situation going out of hand, he fled the area in the midst of tension. The angry residents then vandalized Akbar’s house and set it on fire.”  – Google Translation of below Bengali News. Source: eisamay


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