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Congress used 8 year old photo as migrants fleeing from Gujarat.

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A viral photo of an overcrowded Train where even people even sitting on the roof is claimed as people of UP and Bihar are fleeing from Gujarat after recent violence.
Two official, Verified Congress twitter handle tweeted the same photo –

Verified handle of Youth Congress, Chattishgarh tweeted –
“गंगा के लाल ने, अपना फर्ज निभा दिया, यूपी बिहार के बिछड़े, बच्चों को वापिस घर पंहुचा दिया। जिन्होंने 1947 का विभाजन नहीं देखा ,उनको 2018 का विभाजन दिखा दिया।”

Translated –
“Loved on of Ganga completed his responsibility, Returned Lost kids of UP, Bhiar to their home. Whoever didn’t see partition of 1947, he showed him in 2018”

Verified Handle of Congress Himachal tweeted

“गुजरात से यूपी बिहार और मध्य प्रदेश के मजदूरों का भगाया जाना बहुत ही शर्मनाक है। हम अपने देश में विदेशी बनते जा रहे हैं। मोदी सरकार की सोच गुलामी की तरफ जाने का संकेत दे रही है।”

Translated“It’s very shameful to force laborers of UP and Bihar out of Gujarat. We are making our own country as foreign. Modi sarkar is giving hint towards slavery”


Following Facebook Post by a Page named “The Headline” had approximately 12000 shares
Text –
“गुजरात से भागते बिहार और यूपी के लोग..
भारत पाकिस्तान विभाजन 1947 याद आ गया “

Translation –
“People of Bihar and UP running from Gujarat
Reminds of India Pakistan Partition”

Truth –

This photo is from year 2010, Mathura.

24 July, 2010
Hindu devotees travel on a crowded passenger train to take part in the “Guru Purnima” festival in Goverdhan town near the northern Indian city of Mathura July 24, 2010. Guru Purnima is observed to pay respects to one’s “guru” or teacher who symbolises the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, believed to be the creators of the universe and will be celebrated on Sunday. REUTERS/K. K. Arora (INDIA – Tags: SOCIETY RELIGION TRANSPORT)

This happens almost every year, the following photo is from 2012

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