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Missing Najeeb is not in the viral ISIS photo.

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A photo of ISIS is viral in which one is claimed as the missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmad.

The text along with the photo reads –
“पहचाना इसे ??
अरे अपना नजीब…JNU वाला नजीब…आज़ादी गैंग वाला नजीब !!
वामी कामी गिरोह का दुलारा नजीब …JNU से डाइरेक्ट प्लेसमेंट हुआ है ISIS में !!
सीरिया से राहुल जी और केजरी सर जी को सलाम भेजा है!!”

Translation –
“Did you recognize the guy ? This is our Najeeb, JNU’s Najeeb, Azadi gang’s Najeeb. Libral gang’s beloved Najeeb. He got direct placement in ISIS from JNU. He has sent salute to Rahul Ji and Kejrii sir ji from Syria”

The following post by a Facebook page named Modi Mania posted on 3rd March 2019 has been shared by 1035 people


It’s also viral on WhatsApp

The same was also viral just a year ago too. –


Najeeb Ahmad, a student pursuing MSc in Biotechnology in JNU, has been missing since October 2016.

While his mother had been crying and asking government to find his whereabouts, there had been lots of speculations and theories floating around on Social Media since then.

Following PM’s Chowkidar campaign, she asked the same question again.

This was followed by the above viral posts as answers that Najeeb has not gone missing but has joined ISIS and the photo is the proof.



While Najeeb Ahmad went missing since October 2016, this photo was uploaded on Internet  in March 2015 or before i.e. More than 1 year


The photo is claimed by The international Business Times as
“Shi’ite fighters stands near a wall painted with the black flag commonly used by Islamic State militants in the town of Tal Ksaiba – Thaier al-Sudani/Reuters”

Further, you can see the difference in the faces. The right one is the missing Najeeb Ahmand

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This was viral last year too

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