Did Police recently find a weapons in a Temple in Rajkot ? Check the truth.

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Did Police recently find a lot of arms in a Temple in Rajkot ? Check the truth.
This photo is among a group of few which has been spreading since an year. People add caption as per their need, some say these arms were found in a Temple/Mandir, some said the lot was found in Mosque/Masjid.
The truth it, this lot was caught being sold at a Hotel on Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway.
Here, in this case, it was posted by AIMIM and 26000 people already believed in it, thought it to be true and shared which actually results in communal Tension, riots.
Lie: https://www.facebook.com/394739697360626/photos/a.525017714332823.1073741829.394739697360626/760689777432281/?type=3


These weapons were caught in a raid on a hotel on highway in March 2016 in Rajkot, Gujarat

Times of India says –

The Rajkot detection of crime branch (DCB) and Kuvadava Road police busted an illegal weapons racket that was being operated from a hotel near Kuchiyadad village of Chotila on Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway and arrested five persons. They also seized 257 lethal weapons including swords, and knives from the hotel.

According to police, they had received information that some persons were illegally selling deadly weapons like swords and knives at India Palace Hotel on Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway. So they raided the place and confiscated the weapons.

“We have seized 257 weapons including swords, knives, base balls and arrested five persons including hotel owner Arif Karbali,” said a police official.

Besides Karbali, those arrested include Irfan Dilawar Divan, Izrish Dilawar Divan, Ramzan Dilawar Diwan and Safi Baig Mirza.

The accused are being questioned as to since how long they have been illegally selling the lethal weapons and who are the others involved in the racket, said police.”

Source –

– http://m.timesofindia.com/city/rajkot/Five-held-for-running-illegal-arms-trade-near-Chotila/articleshow/51274931.cms

– https://m.divyabhaskar.co.in/news/SAU-RJK-HMU-MAT-latest-rajkot-news-041231-3751708-NOR.html

– https://m.bhaskar.com/news/GUJ-RAJ-OMC-police-arrested-five-accused-with-weapons-in-rajkot-5267096-PHO.html

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