Holy Cow! Biggest Photoshop ? A Photo of Kapil Sibal with his wife Promilaa posing with alleged beef with hanging slaughtered cows ?

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Most popular Fake Photo of Kapil Sibal with his wife Promilaa posing at their slaughter house, with Sibal holding/offering Beef.

This fake photo has been used since before Loksabha elections I.e. 2014.
It’s been in national hindi news paper Navbharat Times and almost every website/blog/Facebook/Twitter of Right Wingers. 
This fake photo was used as a proof to show Kapil Sibal ‘s beef business.

Well, the business part is true but photo is fake.About Kapil Sibal’s Business Live mint says

Sibal’s wife Promilaa controls Arshiya Exports Pvt. Ltd and Arihant Farm House Pvt. Ltd (these companies are into exports and meat processing, respectively) and Hacker Electronis India Pvt. Ltd (the nature of the company’s business is unclear).


The photo is of a French Female Butcher “Stephanie Gerbier”, a news ran by Washington Post in a year 2007.

”  Stephanie Gerbier goes to work dressed for combat: She wears body armor under her white apron, steel-reinforced shoes and a metal glove on her left arm. Her weapon of choice is a flat, razor-sharp knife.

She can truss up a garnet-red round of beef to look as exquisite as a gift-wrapped jewelry box, carve $17-a-pound veal scallops so thin that the pink slices are nearly translucent and extract precision cuts from a 660-pound side of beef.

For those skills, the 23-year-old Gerbier this year became one of the first two women to win France’s annual competition for best apprentice butcher.

Gerbier is breaking cultural barriers in a trade that mirrors the transformations in the European workplace of the 21st century: The attraction of prestigious white-collar and high-tech professions has steered young people away from Old World artisanal crafts, many of which traditionally have been open only to men for centuries. As a result, women are more able to enter trades that were largely closed to them.

Facing a shortage of as many as 5,000 butchers, France’s historically macho meat industry has begun welcoming women. This summer, the national Federation of Butcher Shops is targeting women in a major recruiting drive — and promoting Gerbier as one of its new female success stories in a field that now has about 100 female certified butchers, according to federation spokeswoman Cecile Mousset.

“The only drawback to being a woman butcher is that you can’t carry heavy pieces of meat like a 90-kilo [200-pound] leg on your own,” said Gerbier, who just earned her two-year professional aptitude certificate. “I always need to ask for help, but that’s a minor inconvenience.”

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/06/05/AR2007060502370.html 

Fake photo
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Original Photo

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Sibal business

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– https://www.zaubacorp.com/company/ARSHIYA-EXPORTS-PRIVATE-LIMITED/U74899DL1981PTC011525

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