Actress Shabana Azmi didn’t say this.

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A photo with actress Shabana Azami and a man named Santosh Bharatiya is viral, has been shared by more than 10000 people till now and growing.
The image claims that Shabana Azmi said “India is not a good and great country because Muslims are not happy here” to which Santosh Bharatiya replied “Shabana Azmi, you and your supporters go to Syria or Pakistan so you and people like you can get real happiness” and he asks people “If you agree share this so she and people like her can get reply

Post is on a Facebook Page by Name of “Youth India” followed by 2,536,817 people.

Saved – http://archive.is/ig2Br


SMHoaxSlayer sent the screenshot to the actress Shabana Azmi (via someone), which she posted in her tweet and clarified –

THIS IS PURE LIES being circulated in my name . Santosh Bhartiya agar aapki sahi identity hai tto prove kariye ye maine kahah kaha hai. Jhoot ki buniyaad par apni dukaan chalaane wale sharm karo !!!”

She denied saying it and asked him that “if your identity is genuine, prove where did I say this”

Recently they posted a Fake Statement under name of Omar Abdullah also which was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer

Did Omar Abdullah threaten to end Amarnath Yatra ?

This page “Youth India” usually posts such Fake News and quotes to get more shares and frequently posts links to their websites with obscene, sensational contents to attract traffic and earn from the advertisements.

You can see the type of posts this page makes –

The “About” section of page –

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