Did Police really shoot protesting farmers in Madhya Pradesh ?

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A shocking video is viral on WhatsApp with Text “Repeat of Jallianwala Bagh” , It shows protestors shouting “हमारी मांगे पूरी करो” i.e “Fulfill our demands” and then cops shot them because of which 2 fell down. This is followed by cops carrying stretcher and taking those two in ambulance.

Many also claim that these are farmers protesting in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, blaming MP Police and CM

The following post’s text is –

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We can not even raise our voice for our rights in the Modi government, we saw many times in Many Rally/Protest, Once again a rally of farmers in Mandsaur was abolished by firing that incident killed seven farmers in the Madhya Pradesh by the police; this is a cruel face, the government is being run by Hitler, the country is being run by Hitler. Do this is the way of living in a democratic country. #BJP this is too much, Out of 23 Seats #BJP ruling Party with 167 seats, Present Mandsaur MLA #BJP, But they cannot fulfill the demand of farmers #Shame #Shame #Shame.

The man who made the post above, Ashraf Hkr claims to be


– General Secretary karimganj District at Indian Youth Congress


This is just a year old Mock Drill, no one died or hurt.

At 08 seconds when shots are fired and when protestor scream, few laughs can be heard in the background

Further from 13 seconds also laughs can be heard

At 44 Second, people with laughing an smiling faces can be seen walking out of camera scene

The there is an announcement “हम आपको ये बता दे ये केवल एक ____(साईरन बजा)___ है जिसमे पुलिस ने अपनी सक्रियता दिखाई, किसी भी भीषण परिस्तिथि से निपटने के लिए पुलिस हमेशा तत्पर तैयार है”

Translation “Let us tell you, this is just a ____(Siren starts)____ in which the police showed it’s swiftness, and it’s ready to combat any difficult situation”

Further, This video was first uploaded on 1st November 2017 with title “Moke Dreal of Khunti Police” corrected “Mock Drill of Khunti Police

When asked about the video from Senior Police officers, they right away said this as a mock drill and said it wasn’t a bullet fired but was blank.

The video was uploaded in Nov 2017

Fake –

BJP rule Shivraj singh Chauhan Govt. Has Firing On Farmers In mandsaur Madhya Pradesh


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