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Tweet by Arshad Nadeem congratulating Neeraj Chopra is not genuine.

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Fake account of Arshad Nadeem congratulating Neeraj Chopra has been taking viral rounds in the online media recently. But, it has been found that the account was previously used by a user named “Saeed Anwar” and the handle was “@CSS_25.” On August 7 2021, India won its First Gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, after Neeraj Chopra delivered a magnificent performance to make history in the men’s Javelin final. But as soon as the news of big victory was out, a tweet in the name of Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem started spreading online. Arshad Nadeem competed with Neeraj Chopra in the Javelin final to secure the fifth position in the competition.

The viral tweet could be seen congratulating Chopra and referring to him as his “idol”. The tweet that tool viral rounds was from an account named ‘@ArshadNadeemPak’ .The tweet read, “Congratulations to my Idol #NeerajChopra for winning. Sorry Pakistan I could not win for you. #ArshadNadeem (sic).”



Later on, this particular viral tweet was disseminated by various media houses through there websites and this included, Times NowLive HindustanLoksatta, NDTV Hindi and others. “Pakistan javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem congratulates role model Neeraj Chopra”, read the title of article published by The Indian Express“. Arshad Nadeem had tweeted a picture of himself and Neeraj Chopra at the podium of the 2018 Asian Games”, read it’s bylines. Another such article was published by Latestly, and the title read, “Arshad Nadeem, Pakistan Javelin Thrower, Congratulates Role Model Neeraj Chopra and Issues Apology for Missing Out on Medal at Tokyo 2020: Reports IANS”. But, has been found that the post was not from the verified profile used by Arshad Nadeem but, came from an impostor account. Simultaneously, all these articles where taken down once it was found to be fake.


While following the interactions of the tweet, a Twitter user had posted a tweet where the user had mentioned that the account’s previous name was ‘Saeed Anwar (CSS_25).


Next, a search on the Twitter profile ‘Saeed Anwar (CSS_25) was run, whose current handle was named ‘ArshadNadeemPak’. Later, one reply in which the current handle is mentioned was found. A Google search on ‘@CSS_25’ revealed the cached version of the profile which was named as ‘Saeed Anwar’ and the bio had ‘Professional cricketer, played for @TheRealPCB, mentioned in it. It was previously used as a Fake account of ex-Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar.

We also found the Twitter id just before changing to Arshad Nadeem –



Previously the Twitter profile had a bio in which it was mentioned as ‘official account’ of Nadeem, but after being called out as a fake profile by several Twitter users the bio has been updated as “Record Holder of South Asian Games in Javelin Throw with a distance of 86.29m.”


Thus, it is very evident that multiple users on social media and media houses fell for an impersonator account of Arshad Nadeem. It was actually a fake twitter account of Arshad Nadeem that was found congratulating  Neeraj Chopra after his win at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.




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