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Kirti Azad, a TMC MP, tweeted last year’s video from WB of a BJP candidate being chased off as current from UP.

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A video of a Minister, accompanied by guards and being chased down by villagers is viral claimed as BJP candidate being driven off from Uttar Pradesh village while ironically News Channels are predicting that BJP will get more than 300 seats in the ongoing election.

Most of the sarcastic tweets has the following lines in Hindi –

“गांव गांव में जूतों की बौछार चल रही है
टीवी पर लेकिन 300 पार चल रही है”

Translation – “Despite being showered with shoes in villages, TV News channels are claiming they’d win more than 300 seats”

Kirti Azad, ex-cricketer, a MP from TMC tweeted the same.

(Twitter Bio reads – Cricketer,Part of 1983 World Cup Winning Indian Team.Thrice Member of Parliament from Darbhanga Bihar.RT not endorsements. TMC)



The following tweets has be retweeted for more than 3100 times



The video is not recent but is last year’s and from West Bengal, not Uttar Pradesh.

The video has a logo on the right top of the video which we found to be of “NandighoshaTV”, an Odisha News Channel.

“Villagers Of Dharampur Chased BJP Candidate & Drove Him Out Of The Village “



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