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Did Muslim man wear a turban disguising as a Sikh to protest against CAA ?

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Along with a video, following messages are viral on WhatsApp and other social media platforms

1. “Muslim Using fake sikh sardar face to show that sikh are against #CAA Fake propaganda
2. “#सिख बनकर दंगा कर रहा था #शान्तिदूत. देखिए!
ऐसे ही ये लोग हिन्दू बनकर, हिन्दूओं को आपस में लड़ाते है, और बदनाम करते है। सावधान!!”

Added on 10th Feb 20 –
Habitual Fake News maker. Madhu Kishwar did it again


The video shows cops taking off turban forcefully from head of a bearded thin man who is taken away with them.

WhatsApp screenshot

Facebook Screenshot



List of tweets


The Twitter handle above (Kajal Sudhir Mishra) is followed by the following


This currently viral video is 8 years old i.e. 2011, Mohali, Punjab and the man whose turban was taken off by cops is a Sikh and not Muslim

YouTube results – uploaded 8 years ago

Reverse image search didn’t bring any credible results so we searched for various combination of keywords and checked the image results e.g. “Sikh turban removed Punjab Police”

Following is the screenshot of the image results

Sikhwiki.org posted

“All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) has demanded today the resignation from Parkash Singh Badal over the disturbing incident in Mohali, state of Punjab ruled by Akali Dal (Badal), when a young Sikh man’s turban was forcibly removed in broad day light by a police officer on the orders of another senior officer of Punjab Police.

“This is an insult to the Sikh Gurus and the whole of the Sikh community. It is a gross violation of a Sikh’s human rights and the simple requirement for the respect of one’s right to a unfettered religious, family and private life”, said Surjit Singh, chairperson of Sikh Rights, a UK Sikh Human Rights group.

According to Karnail Singh Peermohammad, President AISSF, Mohali incident proves that SAD (Badal and his political associates) have not only failed to protect the dignity of Sikh articles of faith but they are also engaged in intentional desecration of Sikh turban.”

Video uploaded


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