Few old Police protest pics are edited to claim they are against CAA bill.

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Few photos are viral on Social media claiming Indian Police is against CAA and NRC.

Following post by a Facebook page “Ravish Kumar NDTV INDIA PRIME TIME Fans” has been shared for more than 4100 times.

Photo 1


Another set of photos posted on Facebook by Mohammad Faizuddin. These have been shared for more than 2200 times

Photo 2 & 3


These all are last month’s protest against violence by Lawyers in Tis Hazari court, Delhi, and digitally edited images with text on the placards held by police, changed.


Photo 1

This is last months photo when Police protested against violence by Lawyers in Tees Hazari Court, Delhi.

India Today reported

New Delhi

Police personnel protesting outside Delhi Police headquarters in ITO, New Delhi, on Tuesday. (Photo: PTI)

Tuesday, November 5, was no ordinary day for New Delhi, or, for that matter, rest of India. Viewed through the corridors of the history of democratic protests in India, Tuesday, November 5, was a rare day when police personnel in uniform took to the streets to protest and demand justice.

Yes, cops in uniform, raised slogans on roads, demanded justice and laid siege to their own headquarters. Let the scene sink in because there is a good chance you may not see this again for years, if not decades.

Mistake not, it wasn’t a motley group of disgruntled cops complaining about routine affairs through a video on social media. The protest saw hundreds of cops, men and women, young and old, seniors and juniors, out in public expressing what they felt needed to be said. The number of protesting cops suggests that the event was well planned and coordinated.

It was organised to protest against the recent manhandling of some cops by lawyers – first at the Tis Hazari Court Complex on Saturday, and then at the Saket Court Complex on Monday.

Armed with banners and placards, the protesting cops raised slogans outside the police headquarters, requesting their seniors to come out and stand in their support.

Photo 2

This is also from Last month, same reason.

Source: The Week

Photo 3

From the same protest, Last month

Source: The Hindu

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