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These viral images of burnt animals are NOT from Bandipur Sanctuary fire.

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The recent forest fire in Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka has sent shockwaves across the state and the country as well. Recently, a few images have been shared on Social Media which is claimed to be from the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary. Since the past few days, around 2500 acres of forest area of the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary has been burnt down due to unknown reasons. Moreover, miscreants have been trying to re-ignite the fire again.

Popukar Kannada Actor Darshan has retweeted an image, which has got around 1200 retweets

(Translation: The wildlife in the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary has suffered a lot. The government, the forest department and several volunteers are trying to relieve this disaster. Interested volunteers are kindly requested to assist in this campaign)

Another person, Chetan Kumar has retweeted a similar post.

What is the truth then?



(Disclaimer: Graphic images, viewer discretion advised)

The images claimed to be from the Bandipur wildlife sanctuary are not from India. These are different images from different countries. Let us break these down to you with the links as proof:

The picture of the burnt rabbit, which is alive is actually from a forest fire in Woosley, California, USA which took place in November, 2018. We also want to clarify that this particular specied of rabbit is not found in Bandipur


The picture of the dead orangutan is actually from the Kutai Island of Republic of Borneo, where illegal palm oil cultivation was reported.  We would want to clarify that orangutans are not found in the Bandipur sanctuary.


The picture of this burnt rabbit was found from the page of a Brazilian Politician named Magda Mofatto. This picture is included in this post. Although the location of this picture is not confirmed, the picture is definitely not from Bandipur


The picture of this burnt lizard is actually from a forest fire in Guatemala. (Refer to: )


The image of the corpses of dead sheep is actually from a forest fire which took place in Spain on 23rd July, 2012.


Moreover, according to Boom Live, another fact checking website, Ambadi Madhav, director of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve said, “The images that are circulating on WhatsApp claiming that animals died in fire at Bandipur tiger reserve are not animals of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, No animals died in this fire . The incident happened on Friday night and it came to control on Saturday morning. Sensing there was a fire and the animals move to a different location.”


These are the real images and footage of the Bandipur Forest Fire. These have also been shared by Wild and Beyond, a Facebook page.

As you can see, a jeep and a bus from the Karnataka Forest Department are present, and a Karnataka Government Fire Tender is dousing the fire. The EXIF data of the video is also given below:

Bengaluru Based Journalist, Nolan Pinto working with India Today has also shared a post regarding the forest fire:

Also, the Karnataka Forest Department has also posted on Facebook, regarding the fact that there are no dead animals so far

The Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary has come in the news due to many reasons, including accidents with animals and regulation of traffic through the sanctuary at night.







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