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Did AAP MLA say “Shariya” as Mr. Sambit Patra claimed ?

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Sambit Patra, National Spokesperson of BJP, tweeted (which by now has been retweeted more than 12,000 times) the video along with the following text –

“अल्लाह ने तय कर दिया है की इन ज़ालिमों का ख़ात्मा होगा ..हम शरिया बनेंगे ..कहीं न कहीं से शुरुआत तो होती ही है ..”
AAP का अमानतउल्लाह खान
दोस्तों ये है AAP के विचार
अब ज़रा आप भी सोचिए ..सब अल्लाह ही तय करेंगे या आप भी कुछ तय करेंगे?
आप शरिया बनना चाहतें है या नहीं??

Translation – “Allah has decided that these oppressors will be over, we will become ‘shariya’ there has to be a beginning from somewhere.
AAP’s Amanatullah Khan.
Friends, these are the views of of AAP, now you think too, will Allah decide every or you shall too decide something ?
Do you want to become ‘Shariya’ or not ?”


Y, Satya Kumar, National Secretary, BJP tweeted

“अल्लाह ने तय कर दिया है की इन ज़ालिमों का ख़ात्मा होगा..हम शरिया बनेंगे ..कहीं न कहीं से शुरुआत तो होती ही है ..Watch this from AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan.He is heading hatred gang of Kejriwal.Think and decide..#ShaheenBaghProtest “



Payal Rastogi, an ex-Bigboss contestant tweeted the same video


Viral on Facebook –


As every election is proceeded by campaigns, speeches, opponents blames etc, Delhi election is no different.

With just few days left, all are vocal in full volume.

It’s quite clear that AAP MLA Amanatullah used the word “ज़रिया” (Zariya) not “शरिया” (Shariya).

Zariya – The way (to complete something)
Shariya – The holy laws of Islam that cover all parts of a Muslim’s life

So the viral tweet means that the religion of the people who voted for them will be changed.

Few replies to Y Satya Kumar’s tweet –

He said “हम ज़रिया बनेंगे” I.e. “We will be the way”

You can watch complete video here from which the viral video is trimmed from.

The trimmed video starts from 3:18 in the following –

Cut from the original video but just before the beginning of the viral video at 3.08 Amanatullah said “आप ‘ज़रिया’ बनेंगे पूरी दिल्ली में आम आदमी पार्टी को 70 में 70 सीटें जीताने का”
(You will be the way to make Aam aadmi party win 70 out of 70 seats in entire Delhi

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