Did China seek court’s approval to kill 20,000 Coronavirus patients ?

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*China seek for court’s approval to kill the over 20,000 coronavirus patients to avoid further spread of the virus…*

The message above is viral more than the coronavirus itself on social media, especially WhatsApp.



A country intending to kill 20,000 citizens ?? Doesn’t it sound so panicking, so sensational ?

That’s actually is sensational but false.

The website is using this sensational fake news to earn money from the ads on its article page.

Let’s check the news point wise –

1. Killing 20,000 patients is something very big but is no where else on any credible media.

2. This website has filthy ads popping up and covering your screen.

3. This website doesn’t have any disclaimer, contacts, office address or any other details

4. Spelling error in the article

5. The site doesn’t have any presence on social media e.g. twitter or FB

6. This website posted such sensational fake news earlier too.

7. Singapore Government had also called this fake.

Corrections and clarifications regarding falsehoodspublished by AB-TC City News’ website

Further this website has posted such sensational Fake News earlier too.

The site posted a news that, Pat Shurmur, an American football coach has died while he is still alive.

Source: Snopes

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