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Deepak Chaurasia tweeted an edited image claiming a sweet shop has been opened at Lal Chowk, Srinagar.

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An image of a shop claiming to be a shop opened at Lal Chowk, Srinagar is viral. A journalist Deepak Chaurasia tweeted the image saying –

#PicOfTheYear इधर बाकी लोग सोचते ही रह गए। यादव भाई ने कश्मीर में दुकान खोल ली। वाह

Translation: “While people kept thinking here, Yadav brother opened a shop in Kashmir, Kudos”

His tweets till now has been retweeted approximately 3000 times.

Many have corrected him but he still have not deleted or accepted it to be wrong by now, which probably means he tweeted this fake news knowingly and intentionally as he is a known journalist, have verified blue badge. In-fact this lead to screenshot of his tweet being viral on other social media platforms too, especially on WhatsApp where people believed it to be true.



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This is quite viral on Facebook too –

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The image is edited with Shop Name and place etc changed. While the earliest version of this image was uploaded on Social media dates back to 5th Aug 2019, the day of declaration, till March 21, no one purchased land in J&K

“Revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir

On 5 August 2019, the Parliament of India voted in favour of a resolution tabled by Home Minister Amit Shah to revoke the special status, or autonomy, granted under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir—a region administered by India as a state which consists of the larger part of Kashmir which has been the subject of dispute among India, Pakistan, and China since 1947.[1][2]


We searched for the image and found he earliest version (edited) uploaded on Social media on 5th August 2019 with “Jodhpur Misthaan Bhandar” on it, but by March 2021, no one purchased land in J&K.”


The Hindu and The Scroll said, no outsider purchased land in J&K till March this year

But then another news came out just 3 days ago that 2 outsiders did buy land in J&K but names were not given, but then again, this image was viral on 5th Aug 2019 itself which proves this photo to be fake

The banner of the shop name can clearly seen as modified digitally, text is going out of the banner etc. –

This photo with different shop names has been going around on Social Media, the first we could track back was on 5th August 2019

The following image was quite viral on 5th Aug 2019 itself. We were unable to find the original image but the one below suggest the actual name of shop was “Jodhpur Mishthan Bhandar”. You can see  the shop name and “Shri Kheteshwar” are of same font and has small shadow making it look like 3 d while the other text “Jay Hind” and “Lal Chowk, Kashmir” are of different font and 2D.


5th August 2019 – Jodhpur Misthaan Bhandar




6th Aug 2019 – Jai Jhulelal Mishthan Bhandar


18th Aug 2019 – Chandravanshi Mishthaan Bhandar


11th Nov 2019 – Gurjar Mishthan Bhandar


SourceThe Hindu


SourceThe Economic Times


SourceThe Print


PIB website shows April 2020

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