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Were Pakistan’s flags used on Kolkata’s roads ?

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This #FakeNews creator’s fascination for Pakistani Flag has been going on for years. Few have been debunked in last few years, listed below.

Two photos are viral claiming to have Pakistan’s flag decorated on Kolkata’s roads after Firhad Hakim became Mayor of the city.

Facebook post below by Dilip Singh by now has approx 1000 shares.

One Twitter handle by name of Afra Shaikh also tweeted the images. The handle wrote

“कोलकाता का रास्ता और मैन मार्किट में पाकिस्तानी झंडे , फरीद हाकिम के मेयर बनने के खुशी में । फरीद हाकिम मटियाबृज (Port Area)को मिनी पाकिस्तान बतया करता था । अब पूरा कलकत्ता मिनी पाकिस्तान बनने जा रहा है । हल्दीराम बस स्टैंड का नया नाम उसने *हज हाउस* बस स्टैंड का नया नाम दिया ।”

Truth –

While both looks almost same, while religious flag is completely green in color with incomplete moon and a star, Pakistan’s flag has a vertical white broad strip

A Pakistani Flag was digitally added to Journalist Barkha Dutt’s clenched fist who had mug in other hand

LOL @bdutt holding Pakistan Flag by Photoshop

A Pakistani Flag was digitally added on a crowd

Pakistan flag waved in Kolkata under CM Mamta Banerjee ? 

Media house Firstpost used a Karachi protest photo with Pakistani flag claiming to be Rohtak’s, Gurmeet Singh’s supporters

Did Gurmeet’s Supporters wave Pakistani Flag in Rohatk today ?

A old Bike stunt, with men holding Islamic flag was viral claiming to be Muslim’s in India celebrating Pakistan’s victory in cricket match, some claimed it as West Bengal while few was Surat

Neither this is Pakistani flag, nor is this celebration of Pakistan’s Win.

TV Channel News 18 claimed a Islamic flag as Pakistan’s

A TV channel calls a religious flag as country’s. 

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