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Video of tapping exercise is from a medical clinic, not from Tata memorial hospital

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A Hyderabad-based medical clinic practitioner’s video teaching tapping exercises and explaining the benefits of tapping exercises around various parts of the body is being circulated as a video that came out from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. In the 2minute 40 seconds video, the practitioner is seeing with a group of ladies that have come to perform and practice taping exercises. The lady is seeking to explain the benefits of exercise like headache, migraine problem, the focus of mind, and sinus problem. But the video has been claimed to be from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and people are resharing it with a caption- “Tata Memorial Hospital. Request everyone to watch the above video without deleting it.”





The video is from a Hyderabad-based medical clinic – Om Sairam Perfect Health Clinic and not from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. 

While finding the truth about the video, we did a reverse google image search and found an alternative video posted by a page named- the perfect health Hyderabad on Facebook. A similar video was uploaded by the said page on 2nd April. The video was of a clinic named ” Om Sairam Perfect Health” in Hyderabad started by a consultant and dietician named Manishaa. 

This page has more videos on acupressure therapy. The practitioner talks about various acupressure points and explains them to the people that come there to the medical clinic for the therapy. We searched more about the medical clinic on the website that was given by the page. According to the website, the practitioner, Manishaa has laid down the foundation “Om Sairam Perfect Health” in 1995. She happens to be a well-known dietician from Hyderabad. She has learned about acupressure and diet therapy and is running the medical clinic. Also, the clinic’s address according to the website is Hyderabad and not Tata Memorial Hospital.


Also, we found out more about Dr. Manishaa and her foundation from where the video has been taken.

Additionally, there was no video or notice shared by the Tata Memorial Hospital advising people to watch the viral video.



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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.