क्या भारत ने अफ्रीका में रोड बना दिया, हमारा देश आगे बढ़ गया ? Government is accountable and should not use wrong photos.

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अफ्रीका के फोटो का इस्तेमाल, पुराना भारत दिखाने के लिए
क्या भारत ने अफ्रीका में रोड बना दिया ?
क्या इस तरह हमारा देश आगे बढ़ गया ?
Even a #Government #Website doesn’t check Facts or is this intentional? This is a Photo posted in 2013 from Africa. Even the dress of the lady tells all. Government is accountable and should not use wrong photos.
The photo on left is from Tanzania, Africa, where the lady is standing in traditional African dress/Attire

Official Lie:

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Official website English – https://twoyears.mygov.in/sites/default/files/styles/then_now_style/public/Tardy_highway_construction.jpg
Official website Hindi- https://twoyears.mygov.in/sites/default/files/styles/then_now_style/public/Tardy_highway_construction_0.jpg
Official website – https://twoyears.mygov.in/then-now




Cleared this last year too –





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