No! The Gujarat Government has NOT cancelled Good Friday Holiday.

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Following is part of a message viral on social media including WhatsApp –

“Modi cancelled “Good Friday” Holiday in Gujarat so if He wins He will cancel it all over India. He is against Christians. So please don’t Vote for Modi

Recently, a message has being doing the rounds on WhatsApp and other Social Media platforms which says that the Narendra Modi government has removed Good Friday from the list of official holidays in Gujarat.

Following message is viral-

“Modi cancelled “Good Friday” Holiday in Gujarat so if He wins He will cancel it all over India. He is against Christians. So please don’t Vote for Modi . Pass the message to every Jesus Christ Believers 18001032305 pls give missed call to this number that ur against MODI to become PM, Aamir khan will announce how many members are against to him in the Satya Meva Jayathi, Please Forward to all, if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister next time, He will pass an “Anti-Conversion Bill”. He has a thorough Agenda against Christian Believers.He has done it in the past in Goa.We need a government who will be for Christians, not against, a leader who Fears God and not Evil in his ways. Please encourage all Christians everywhere “NOT TO VOTE” for Narendra Modi. Spread the Word.There are 101,20,000 Christian Voters in India. If none of these Vote for Him, He will not achieve 272 seats, than He Loose the power. “Good Friday” was cancelled as a Bank Holiday in Gujarat by Modi. Please move this FAITHFULLY among ur Christian Family & Friend’s.
Please Vote Against Modi”…All Believers in Precious Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🏻”

A similar post has been shared by users on Facebook as well


The above message and posts are totally FAKE. In fact, this fake message dates as far back as 2014.

1. The Gujarat Government has in its list of official holidays included Good Friday as a Holiday

The holidays will also be applicable to all State Government Undertakings, Boards, Corporations and Panchayat Offices according to the circular. SMHoaxSlayer called up CMO’s Office in Gujaratm which also confirmed the fact that Good Friday is still a holiday in Gujarat.

2. The toll-free number given (18001032305) is also fake. On calling, we got to know that the number does not exist. Moreover, an article on the same drive has already been covered by the Deccan Chronicle Newspaper. A circular also exists on the Satyamev Jayate website

This article was published by the Deccan Chronicle on 9th April, 2014.

Refer to:



Although this was true 2 years ago, in 2017, there was a protest about upcoming Loksabha elections

“Ahmedabad, Apr 07: Taking strong exception to the Gujarat government’s decision to withdraw Good Friday from its list of holidays, Christian community here have threatened to boycott the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Priests, bishops and other community leaders under thebanner of All India Christian Council had also organised a dharna yesterday to protest against the move.

“Despite mass protests against the move that has hurt sentiments of Christians, BJP government has not taken any  action. We shall not stay back from boycotting the Lok Sabha elections,” AICC National Executive member Samson Christia said in a statement here.

He claimed that the Gujarat High Court had in its judgement said cancellation of the holiday on April 9 was violative of constitution and not the law.

Christia said as per the constitution, Central government has declared public holiday on Good Friday in this year’s list too but the state government has deleted it.

The AICC said it is even preparing to move Supreme Court over the issue.

Even President of India had asked Gujarat Chief Secretary to take necessary steps in this regard, but even his directions have been overlooked, it said.

Bureau Report “
Source: Zee News

This also happened 15 years ago i.e 2004


This post was made viral five years ago i.e. in 2014

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