He is not a savior but a victim himself ! Not Indian but American.

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He is not a savior but a victim himself ! Not Indian but American.
False: This photo of a burnt man is viral on WhatsApp etc. claiming his name is Abdul Kayyum and saved Neighbour Ramesh Pal’s 3 kids whose house was on fire.

Truth: This happened last Year in San Padro, Central America where a CNG Tanker blew up

Source Website says –

Lieutenant Colonel of the firemen of Santo Domingo Este, Juan Jose Jiménez, told Diario Libre that the cause of the fire in a gas station in Alma Rosa II, was due to a failure in a hose.
Preliminary, a source told reporters, “what happened was that the hose was unhooked while the supply truck fed the stationary tanks. Upon exiting the control, the hose could not be picked up by the pump’s employees, so the gas leak was maintained until the gas encountered a source of ignition and the explosion or explosion occurred. “
The fire expert told Diario Libre that after controlling the fire it remains to be determined whether the cause of the fault was due to human error or a malfunction due to the use of the equipment.
Civil Defense Version
On the other hand, Civil Defense director General De Luna Pichirilo stated at midday on Thursday that the fire occurred at the bottling station of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gas Mariot, in the Alma Rosa II sector, was caused by an error human.
According to the general there was an error in handling the transfer of a tank that was feeding gas to two tanks stations in the envasodora.
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