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An old video from Hyderabad is viral as decoration for Bhumi Pujan in Ayodhya.

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A video of a beautifully decorated shed is viral claimed as the one being made in Ayodhya right now for Bhumi Pujan on 5th August 2020.
“Decoration of Pandal for bhumi pujan of #RamMandir” is the text viral along with the video.

5th Aug is the day (4 days to go) for Bhumi Pujan before starting the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. This video is viral claiming such is the decoration done for the Bhumi Pujan ceremony.


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The viral video is more then 7 months old, from Hyderabad, not current from Ayodhya

Before the truth, let me confess, I went on the wrong track and spent hours looking for the truth. Later the truth I found was little different.
The clues I found in the viral video were, that it is pre-corona video as no one is wearing a mask, second, the workers were talking in Bengali Language, further I thought of the video to be of some big fat wedding.  So I had been looking for Bengali weddings and wasted hours.

Well, the first clue was right, It is pre corona, but it’s from a temple, that too from Hyderabad. I changed my keywords later and started looking for decoration in temples which led me to the Truth.


The video above is from the same temple but taken by someone else, different angles.

Below is a comparison of various screenshots of the same place in different videos. The screenshots in the above row is taken from the viral video while the screenshots below them are taken from above 6th January video


The viral video being 7 month old and from Hyderabad has slaying the viral claim of it being current decorations going on in Ayodhya for Bhumi Pujan.

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