Old Video from Texas shared claiming that crows aren’t allowing customers to leave supermarket in Saudi.

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Claim: A video showing  hundreds of black birds flying and swarming outside a supermarket in a parking lot has been going viral on social media with the claim that it is from Saudi Arabia.

The text attached with the viral video reads as follow:

“Crows not allowing customers to come out of super market in Saudi ..
is it the beginning of the end of the world ??”



The post has been shared by various accounts and the same caption has been attached in different regional languages. The post has received above 4000 views.










Many people on Twitter also shared the same claim. Indian film director, Anurag Kashyap also tweeted the viral claim.












The video is not from Saudi, the claim is false.

Upon doing a simple key word search of “black birds outside parking lot of supermarket”, the same video was found which was posted by Daily Mail. Daily Mail has credited the video to Viral Hog, while following it, the video uploaded by Viral Hog (verified account) on their You Tube channel was found. In the description of the video it states that it occured on 6th December, 2016 at H Mart, Carrollton, Texas, USA. In order to confirm the location of the video, images from Google Street View was compared with the screenshots from the viral video and they have similarities that match.

This process of huge numbers of birds swarming is know as murmuration. Thus, it is proved that the video is not from Saudi and isn’t recent either.



Attached below is the video and the screenshot of description shared by Viral Hog on YouTube.


Source: Viral Hog


This is the video Daily Mail shared.

Source: Daily Mail


Similarities between the screenshots from the viral video and the Google Street view of the H Mart, Carrollton,Texas. 

Source: Google Street View



Screenshots of viral post


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