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An edited photo of Alka Lamba is made viral by perverts using sick humor.

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A photo of Alka Lamba is viral with filthy jokes and sick humor changing meaning and purpose of the real photo.




Twitter –

“न्यौता मिल रहा…. भक्तों टूट पड़ो….”

A tweet by Preeti has been retweeted 218 times.

Translation “You are getting an invitation, pounce on it”


Ashwani Jain tweeted the photo along with a photo of Yawning Kejriwal and wrote –
“छोटा था तो नंगा घूमता था पड़ोसी से चोरी चोरी छिड़वा लेता था और सीखने में माशाअल्लाह ग्रेट था। कॉपी पेस्ट करने में अव्वल। ये बताओ बचपन मे मेरी सू सू किस ने खींची जो आज तक ये पहाड़ उठाये नंनूँ पर घूम रहा हूँ। पंजे पर यहाँ बटन दबाकर वोट दो और EVM पर कमल। ठीक है! जय जिनेन्द्र।”

Rough Translation – “When he was a kid, used to roam around naked and get teased by neighbor and Mashaallah, was great in learning. He was top in copy pasting.
Now tell me who all pulled his pen*s that till date he is is roaming on pen*s carrying mountain. Vote here (in photo) on Palm, but Lotus on EVM. OK ? Jai Jinendra”




He ironically claims to be a Social Worker and claims to have been followed by PM Narendra Modi and BJP4India which we couldn’t find, but he is being followed by verified account of Piyush Goyal



A Handle by name  “Squirrel of RAM“‘s tweet has been retweeted 164 times

This id is followed by TC Gehlot Office


Kiran Jain’s tweet has been reweeted for more than 100 times




Alka Lamba herself tweeted a set of photos on 15th August 2019 wearing a badge of Indian Flag and pointing towards it.

She has now joined Congress so people have morphed Congress Symbol (Palm) on the badge leading to filthy humor.

Her 15th Aug 2019 tweet –

She has also clarified yesterday –

She wrote जाहिल घटिया अंध भक्त मेरी एक फोटो के साथ छेड़छाड़ कर अभद्रता फ़ैला रहे हैं, इस पर मैं बस इतना कहना चाहती हूँ कि यह वही लोग हैं जिनकी माँ – बहने और घर की बाकी महिलाएँ इनके घर में होने के डर से दरवाज़ा अंदर से बंद कर के सोती हैं. यह उन्हें ना छोड़ें,हमारी तो फिर भी खैर है. #Delhi

Translation“Illiterate, filthy, blind followers are spreading obscenity by editing one of my photos. On this, I’d just say that these are the people whose Mother, sisters and other ladies from their own home lock the door while sleeping. These may not even leave them, we are OK in comparison”

Another Similar Fake

A similar Photoshop has been viral in the name of students of JNU university.

A Twitter handle “Sunil श्रीराम का वंशज” (Sunil – Heir of Lord Shri Ram) followed by TC Gehlot Office and Khemchand Sharma(Member : @BJP4India National IT & Social Media Campaign Committee) tweeted such edited photo.

On 27th October 2019 this tweet was retweeted approx 300 times


Along with photo of a girl it says:

“#JNU की उम्र दराज महिला छात्राओं का पुनीत कर्म छाती पर स्लोगन – Sex is better than Yoga धन्य है वो मां बाप जिन्होंने इतनी होनहार स्वस्थ और कामुक बेटी को जन्म दिया #संविधान ने भी ऐसी छात्राओं के उत्साह वर्धन के लिए ही शायद धारा 377 द्वारा पूरी आजादी प्रदान की है ?
Translation – “Slogan on the chest of an elderly lady student of JNU – Sex is better than Yoga”. Blessed are the parents who gave birth to such promising, healthy and Horny daughter. Even constitution has Rule 377 to encourage such students?”

Just a closer look clears the the sentence “Sex better than Yoga”is added digitally as part of it is also on the breast pocket.



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