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A 2017 video of a drunk policeman linked to liquor shops opening after lockdown relaxation

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A video of a drunk policeman lying on the roadside after which few other cops took him in a motorcycle has been spread around social media and has become viral.The video had a logo of News18 on it. Claims are that this incident took place after the government relaxed lockdown by opening liquor shops.

The caption with the video said,”शराब के ठेके खोलने के बाद ही पहला रुझान पुलिस वाले के नाम”. This literally translates to, ” Only after opening liquor shops, some trends in the name of police”.


A Facebook handle named “Md Ainul Haque Hashmi” posted the video and was viewed around 80,000 times and shared around 16,000 times. However, the video has been removed and the archived version can be seen here.

Another Facebook handle called “Boycott Dalal Media” posted the video and got around 281 thousand views, 20 thousand shares and 6.1 thousand likes.


Several other Facebook users have also posted the video with a similar narrative.


The claim is false. The original video is from a news clip from the “News18” website which was first aired on June 27, 2017. According to the news clip, the drunk cop was Durgesh Giri from Faizabad police station in Uttar Pradesh. He was found drunk on the roadside, after receiving this news from the public other policemen took him away.

Thus, this video has nothing to do with liquor shops reopening after lockdown relaxation.

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