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‘Adani’ written on goods train doesn’t change Indian Railways to Adani Railways.

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A video of goods train is viral with name “ADANI” written on it. Viral claim is that Indian railways have been privatized, converted to Adani Railways.


This video was published 6 months ago also –
16th March



Following post by Mansoor Shaikh has been shared by 1200+ shares . He wrote

“Atmanirbhar Bharat
Ab Indian Railways Na Kahe, Ab Kahe Adani Railways.
Wah Modi Ji Wah.
Kya Ab Kuch Bacha Hai Bechne Ko?”




Goods train with the name “ADANI” painted on it is more than 7 years old i.e. before 2013.

With Name “Adani” written on the goods train, people are claiming that Indian Railway’s have been privatized recently.

These trains are part of Adani Logistics, for their own use, transporting raw material etc. This begin more than a decade ago.

Year 2013


Year 2017

Adani decided to launch Railway container operation 13 years ago ie. 2007

4th July 2007
MUMBAI: Adani Logistics, the logistics division of Adani Group, is all set to launch its container train operations in August. The company has a category I, pan-India licence. Sources close to the development believe that the first train will be put into service by August-end on the Gurgaon-Mundhra port route.
Adani is developing an inland container depot (ICD) at Pathi, nearly 22 km south of Gurgaon that will facilitate ..


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