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A 3 year old video of women molestation from Andhra is viral as recent from Kerala with false communal angle.

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A video is viral in which a man is harassing a girl. The video is claimed to recent and usual, the reason being, Hindus in minority in Kerala

“केरल में हो रही महिलाओं से छेड़छाड़ का वीडियो यह कोई पहला वीडियो वायरल नहीं इस प्रकार की घटना हर दिन घटित होती है इसका मुख्य उद्देश्य हिन्दुओं का अल्पसंख्यक होना”

Translation: “This is not a first video of women harassment going on in Kerala. Such incident happens everyday. It’s main purpose is Hindus being in minority”


The tweet by Paras Gupta (Claims from RSS in bio) has been retweeted for more than 4000 times.



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This is a 3 year old video from Andhra Pradesh, not Kerala. All were friends and went together for an outing.

As Times Now reported in Sep 2017, three men and two women are in this incident in which one men is assaulting, trying to strip one women while other women tries to help.

The reporter says that all 5 were friends, and the three men were arrested, This incident happened in August 2017.
They all went together for picnic in outskirts of Prakasam district.
Further he says that among these, one was a couple, the boyfriend suspected his girlfriend and let his friends molest her girlfriend as revenge.

The boyfriend was making the video asking his friend to go ahead and molest his girlfriend.






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