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Did Shahrukh Khan donate 45 crores to Pakistan burn victims ?

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A video is viral on social media claiming that Actor Shahrukh Khan @iamsrk has donated Rs 45 crores to Pakistan for burn victims.

Following 59 Seconds long video is viral on WhatsApp


Many uploaded this small clip/trimmed clip on Youtube

This is also viral on Facebook

Text is viral on Twitter



The video is accompanied by photo and posts such as:




This was viral in Year 2017 as well.

India TV ran a program Aaj ka Viral Published on Jul 3, 2017, and debunked in it.

Someone took the video of this program running on TV and posted the trimmed part only.

This video has actually been trimmed from an India TV bulletin that investigated this viral news. They contacted the media team of Shahrukh Khan for confirmation. They received a response where it was clarified that Shah Rukh had made no such donation.

The video has been trimmed from 1:50 minute to 2:48 minute from the original video, which is:

This was from a show “Aaj ka Viral,” where India TV did a fact check on several viral social media hoaxes.

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