Gratula is a sequel of BFF. No, you can’t check your FB account status with this.

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“Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, created a new word GRATULA. To keep your account secure, type GRATULA in the comment. If Red, your account is still secure, If it does not change to red, please change your password. Your account is already hacked”

A Post is viral that Mark Zuckerberg “CREATED” a “NEW” word “GRATULA”. If you type it in comment and it turns RED, your account is safe, or else it’s been hacked.

It’s viral globally in different languages, especially Malasyia

More than 4000 shares


Neither he “created” nor is this a “new” word. This is just a Hungarian word meaning “Kudos” in English and like other special words e.g. congratulations etc, Facebook colors this word also so it stands out in entire text and catches the attention of the reader.

This doesn’t prove your account has been hacked or not.

Few months ago, entire Facebook was taken over by such similar item, BFF, acronym of Best Friends Forever

Does BFF turning green proves your Facebook account being secure ?

Fake –

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