Did Nirav Modi donate 98 Crores by cheque ?

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To save oneself from fake news, there are two basic necessitates  – Common Sense and Open Mind.
Both are defeated badly in this case. More than 8000 people shared this post –


Have a close look at the photo of the cheque and give your above mentioned necessities a try

Let’s see how this can not be true –

1. Top Left – No cross on right top corner which makes this cheque non account payee i.e Cheque to withdraw cash, So can one withdraw 98 Crore cash from Bank ?

2. Top Left – North Lakhimpur Assam Branch. Why would Nirav Modi, who dealt entire life in Mumbai, will use Assam Branch ?
3. Top Right – Check the date “25/09/2011”. So this cheque has been lying around for 7.5 years, not used ? Don’t you wonder why ?
4. Middle Left – Ninety is misspelled as “Ninenty”. Can a Wharton dropout Nirav Modi make this mistake, especially in such important cheque ?
5. Bottom Right – The Name under the signature (which too is fake) has been removed by scratching, why one may wonder ? When you look closely the surname can be read as “THAPA”.

Mr. Parthapratim Chakravorty also claims the same  in his post

Ironically, after Vijay Mallaya fled from his loan, a similar cheque became viral



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3 thoughts on “Did Nirav Modi donate 98 Crores by cheque ?


    Bloody fools that a fake cheak, Just utilized to blame congress. Stop the nonsense .

  • उत्तरी लखीमपुर उत्तर-पूर्वी भारतीय राज्य असम के लखीमपुर ज़िले का एक नगर एवं नगरपालिका मण्डल है जो गुहाटी से लगभग 394 किलोमीटर उत्तर-पूर्व में स्थिति है। यह लखीमपुर ज़िले का मुख्यालय भी है।ye check North lkhimpur ka lag raha hai aur ye check number kisi Bhartiya Janta …ty ke naam ka lag raha hai.. Over writing saaf dikh rahi hai… J ko N banaya gaya hai


    Put all these hoax spreaders in a container, load unto a rocket, send to Space, EJECT.

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