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A ten month old video of alcohol distribution goes viral as twitteraties link it to farmers protest

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A shocking video in which unidentified individuals sitting inside a car can be seen distributing free alcohol to a group of poor looking people. This video is viral on social media platforms since the past week. It is evident from the audio that the crowd of people collecting the alcohol in small utensils and the individuals are speaking in Punjabi.

This video has been linked with the ongoing farmers protest. It has been said that the group of people collecting alcohol from the individuals inside the vehicle are farmers protesting at the Delhi borders. Although it was not mentioned if these “alleged” farmers were from Singhu, Tikri or Ghazipur border. Twitter users shared this video accusing the farmers of consuming alcohol in the name of Langar during the protest.


Renuka Jain a popular twitter user who has 58.8 thousand followers shared the video tweeting ” Farmer Protests. Free liquor distribution.”

The video has over a 100 thousand views over 2000 retweets. Renuka Jain claims that she is followed by the Prime Minister himself.

Another account with 105 thousand followers calledf Exsecular shared the video with the caption ” Daru Langar”. The tweet has over 1200 retweets.

A twitter handlle called No Conversion which has more than 188k followers shared the same video with the caption “Langar for farmers”.

The post got more than 1700 RTs and 53.9k views.
A twitter account which went by Barkha Trehan having more than 30k followers shared the video with
“Sharing without comments”

Her post was retweeted more than 800 times.
A twitter user which goes by the name of Keh Ke Peheno share the video. The twitter handle has more than 250k followers.
He tweeted the video saying “आंदोलन की गाडी को आगे बढ़ाने के लिए पेट्रोल भरवाते हुए तथाकथित अन्नदाता”

This video got over 23k views and more than 400 RTs. Many twitter users posted the same video with different captions most of them linking it to farmers protest in Delhi. Those tweets are linked at the end of this post.


The controversial video was originally shared online 10 months ago. The original source is unknown but the video is in no way related to the ongoing farmers protest. 

The video surfaced on twitter this past week but social media hoax slayer team found that the video was already shared on certain Facebook groups last year. A Facebook group called FaCe BoOK Ka ChOKIdAr had posted the video on 18th of April 2020 which can be verified by looking at the time stamp of the post.

Another Facebook page which goes by the name बाबा की बातें also has the 10 months old video on their timeline.

Uploaded on 18th April 2020



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Harsh Kashiv

Journalism student and truth seeker.