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A protest video from Bangladesh is viral as booth capturing and mob attack on Army convoy in West Bengal

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A video of an aggressive mob protesting and blocking the roads is being circulated on different social media platforms. The people in the crowd are easily identifiable as Muslims. The video is going viral on the internet with claim that it is from West Bengal. The video was shared on twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp with several shocking claims.


The video shows a mob armed with sticks stopping an army convoy, including an ambulance, while shouting slogans.

The video was widely shared with the caption, “पश्चिम बंगाल में मुसलमानों की गुंडागर्दी देखिए सरकार,पुलिस, फौज सबको इनसे जान बचानी मुश्किल है।”

(Translation: “See the hooliganism of Muslims in West Bengal, it is difficult even for the government, police and army to save their lives from them.”)

A twitter user @sdtiwari with nearly 50k followers shared the video with same caption as discussed earlier. The video has 149 retweets and 1.5k views. More twitter users are sharing the video with similar captions.


The 2 minute 53 second long video of the same event was shared on facebook by सुभाष शर्मा भगवाधारी which has now 7,000 views.

The caption is “मुसलमानों की गुंडागर्दी देखिए सरकार,पुलिस, फौज सबको इनसे जान बचानी मुश्किल है।👇👇 क्या यह दृश्य आप अपने शहर या गली में देखना चाहते हो…… जागो हिन्दूओं ”


Another fb user shared the video with the caption “पश्चिम बंगाल में गुंडागर्दी देखिए …”

(Translation: Look at the hooliganism in West Bengal)


The video was heavily forwarded on whatsapp. Interestingly, the claim on whatsapp was a bit different. The video started circulating with the following viral text.

“Polling situation West Bengal Muslim Dominated areas”



The video is from Hathazari in Bangladesh and not West Bengal. The video was shot when Bangladeshi’s were protesting arrival of Modi in Bangladesh on 28th March.

The number plate on one of the army vehicles present is not in Indian Format,  it was found to be in Bangla, in Bangladeshi format.

According to the Quint the red logo with the two crossed swords on the ambulance and the army men’s uniform indicates that they belong to the Bangladesh army.

Source: The Quint

After segmentation of key frames of the video and Reverse image search it was found that the video was a clip from longer version of the video uploaded by user HM Al Amin as a Facebook Live on 28 March, with the caption, “হাটহাজারী সড়কে সেনাবাহিনী” (Translation: “Army at Hathazari Road”).


One of the boards visible in the videos gave further evidence that this place was in Bangladesh as the board read ““আল হেরা তাহফিজুল কুরআন ইসলামি একাডেমী

(Translation: “Al Hera Tahfizul Quran Islamic Academy”)

Source: The Quint

After facebook and google search the location of the academy was found in Rangamati Road in Isapur, Fayzia Bazar in Chittagong’s Hathazari.

Through google maps it was proved that this video was from Hathazari.

Source: The Quint

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Harsh Kashiv

Journalism student and truth seeker.