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Last year’s video from Haryana is viral as voter fraud in the recently-concluded Bihar elections.

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The viral video was alleged to be from a polling booth in recent Bihar elections. The video shows a polling agent walking into a voting compartment thrice and voting on behalf of three women voters as they arrive to caste their votes. The clip is doing the rounds with a narrative that states how a polling agent from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) tried to vitiate the electoral process in Bihar.

On 16th November the official twitter account of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) party tweeted a video of booth capturing alluding that it took place in the recently-concluded Bihar elections where the party lost to NDA. This video went viral after the elections of Bihar were declared.


“Such elections are held under the supervision of the election commission,” read its tweet shared against the backdrop of RJD’s allegations of foul play in the counting of postal ballot papers in 2020 Bihar polls.

This tweet got more than 8 thousand retweets and 21.1 thousand likes. The same video was earlier shared with a Hindi caption that said, ”This is the condition of our polling booth. It is being claimed that this video shows voting fraud in Bihar elections.” The video depicts an election polling station room where women are standing in a queue to cast their votes. When they approach the EVM machine, a man enters the booth.


Same video was also shared on facebook





This is a 2019 video from Haryana’s Faridabad capturing a polling agent illegally voting in the Lok Sabha elections last year.

After inspection of key frames of the video and reverse image search it was found that this news was reported by NDTV an year ago. According to the report, the video is from 2019 Lok Sabha elections, where a polling agent was caught on video illegally casting votes thrice. The incident happened at Asaoti in Faridabad Lok Sabha seat’s Prithla. An excerpt from the bulletin states that the polling agent was arrested for trying to influence the voters and booth capturing.

A Quint report further stated that the man, a BJP polling agent, was accused of directing the voters to choose BJP by pressing the lotus symbol. He was identified as Giriraj Singh and was arrested on May 12.
The District Election Office in Faridabad also tweeted after the Chief Electoral Officer Haryana instructed them to take necessary actions.

The Election Commission had ordered a repolling at the booth on May 19 that year.


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Harsh Kashiv

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