A photoshopped image of a liquor bottle under Ravi Shastri’s chair is viral.

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A photo is viral which shows a liquor bottle kept under the chair of Ravi Shastri in a group photo. Many tweets circled it as if they have found and exposed it.

A Faebook page named India 360 posted





Text in the Facebook post with the image – “Look at the jack Daniel bottle below the chair of Ravi Shastri. What do you say? Such a behaviour is not expected from Ravi Shastri. He should be made to explain what was the hurry to drink the whiskey in the field itself that he couldn’t wait to go to his room.”



It’s photoshopped/digitally modified. The bottle has been added there

Original photo

The image was probably made just for humor but many believed in it and now it’s viral on WhatsApp too


Ravi Shastri drank beer in public in Dec 2018 which became viral so he is being trolled now


More such made for Humor






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